I’m a bridesmaid!!..

So two of my really good friends are getting married!!! I’m so excited for them and it’s such a happy moment. To see love grow the way it did. And it’s even more amazing to see Jesus mold two completely different people And bring them together and then be perfect matches.

I was (and still am) so honored to say yes when she asked me be to be her bridesmaid and so grateful when she asked me to be apart of this moment of her life.

There’s 9 of us, bridesmaids that is, and no two of us are anything alike. It took awhile for us to band together and share that bridesmaid bond, (You know what I mean if you’ve been a bridesmaid before) and so it was a little awkward. Our first official meeting took months to plan, and what would you expect with 10 different schedules.

In the end what I thought being a bridesmaid was supposed to be was not really accurate. The responsibilities that goes with the title never crossed my mind. And especially the cost. When I said yes, I thought all I’d have to do is buy a dress and walk down the isle with someone… Boy was I wrong!!

As far as planning goes I didn’t really have anything to do with that part but the cost, timing and don’t even get me started on the hair and make up. There’s a time frame to which you should order your dress, to get any alterations if need be. (And guys tux takes half the time of girls dresses.) And that hit me like a ton of bricks. When I went to pay for my dress it was like plucking out hairs. I have a very thoughtful bride who chose a style that could worn to all occasions and really tried to keep cost down for us. (Thank you bride.)

I usually don’t speak in front of any size crowd, but being in the wedding will sharpen up my skill sets. The night before her bridal shower I was told we’d be speaking, so instinctively I got so nervous and I wasn’t even gonna be speaking till the next day. Whenever this happens I tend to want to “wing it” and that always goes south because I lose my breathe, my whole body gets shaky, and I stutter my words. It can get really bad.

Thus far pre-wedding has been great, she has been anti-bridezilla and thinks of us a lot more than she should. So let the count downs begin. 17 days till the big day!! (June 13th)

In the end no matter how much it cost me or how much of a fool I make of myself while speaking, I’m so glad I said yes to being her bridesmaid and wouldn’t think twice.

What were some of your guys experiences as bridesmaid if you have ever been one? And on the other hand, brides how was your wedding experience?


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