I came upon this blog on Facebook and it caught my attention. the title was what really caught my attention because it kind of related to me. She talks about how people sorta expect her to be at a certain life stage in life and how she’s always getting comments and question, and she’s just expressing how she feels about the matter.

“When you ask when I’m getting married, I don’t have an answer for you. When you hint at me having kids, it makes me jealous of new parents. When you prod about my lack of a stable career, I get frustrated. When you ask these questions, it doesn’t help me grow. It doesn’t help me feel content with where I am. It does more damage than you realize.”

This is exactly how i feel sometimes. Jealous, frustrated, in complete. I’m 22 years old and though I am not 26, there are somethings I wish and sometimes feel like I should be doing already. I have some friends who are either married or getting married, and most have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Its very easy to think that there’s something wrong with me , but in actuality there really isn’t.

“So please, my dear friends, don’t ask me what’s next. Ask me what’s now.

After I read this, I felt very inspired to not compare myself to where other people are in their lives. I would encourage all of you to read this and maybe it’ll give you new perspective on how others may feel or it’ll help you to feel that your not alone. Thoughts and comments welcomed.